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Cable, Harness and Wiring Testing Information

How and why should I test a cable?

Measuring small Resistances?


You can find out all about connection, cable, harness and wiring testing, what to look for, which tests to do and how to test at www.cabletester.co.uk

Or you can download and view this information as a pdf (173k)

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How much time and money could you save every year?


Reducing testing time by using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) can save huge amounts of money.

There are other benefits too.

· Your parts will be tested the same way every time. Eliminate errors.

· Identify faults for fast rework

· The results can be stored for you and your customer.

. Printed results sheets and labels can be supplied to your customer making it easier to win key contracts.

· The employee is safe. What are the health and safety issues in your current testing methods. RSI? Shock Hazards?


Examples of Time Saving.


Example 1: Testing cables
 Tracy Cable tester
 Example cable
 25 way D type Male to female
 Test-time including load and unload
 8 Seconds
 Time to check with a buzzer
 120 seconds
 Time Saved per unit
 112 Seconds


Example 2: Testing high integrity cable including 1000V AC test


 BA765 with AC option
 Example cable
 80 wires. Measure resistance in Ohms using 4 wire tester, check DC insulation at 500V D.C. and hi pot test at 1000V AC (3 seconds per test)
 Test-time including load and unload
 350 seconds. The operator can perform other tasks during this time and will be protected from shock risk during this time

 Time to check using stand alone instruments

 3440 Seconds or 57 Minutes Approx
 Time Saved per unit
 3090 Seconds or 52 Minutes Approx


Examples of Money Saving.


There are large cost savings when using semi automatic test equipment. The savings are often greater than initially expected for the following reasons.

The cost to a company of an employee is typically is a lot more than their hourly pay. The company is also paying for time spent training, holidays, sick time, breaks and other non productive hours. There are also overheads to consider such as at rates, rent, heat light. Most companies assume that the actual cost is between 2 and 3 times the hourly rate.

Testing is often performed by staff that are more qualified than would be necessary for semi automatic testing. A technician or an Engineer may sometimes be called in to do testing at rates many times normal production rates. These staff can be much more efficiently utilised when semi automatic test equipment is used.

Faults can be expensive to diagnose using manual equipment whilst a test system will allow the fault to be quickly identified and correctly enabling the order to be completed quickly and at minimum cost.

Here are the potential cost savings for the examples above.

Example 1: Testing cables

 Saving per cable
112 Seconds
 Time saving for 100 cables a week. 100 * 112s
11,200 Seconds or 3 Hours Approx
 Business labour cost for Test Technician
15 GBP Per hour
 Yearly saving: £15 * 3 Hours/week * 52 Weeks
 First year saving after subtracting tester investment
 Saving over 3 Years


Example 2: Testing high integrity cable including 1000V AC test
Saving per cable
3,090 Seconds
Time saving for 10 cables a week. 10 * 3,090s
30,900 Seconds or 8.5 Hours Approx
Business labour cost for Test Technician
15 GBP Per hour
Yearly saving: £15 * 8.5 Hours/week * 52 Weeks
First year saving after subtracting tester investment
Saving over 3 Years


You can make better estimates of your own savings using this table.

Cost table



What to do next

Find the system that meets you need and ask us for a quotation. You can then work out how your business will benefit from Banair Test equipment.

Here are the links for our most popular test systems.

Cable Testers

The B801" Sharon: This standalone cable and harness tester carries out a full continuity check and displays any errors. It has a low price to enable you to test during build. Wide range of adaptors.

The B857 "Tracy": This is a very cost effective modular tester for cables, harnesses, wiring looms and rotary switches. Start with one module (128 connections) and add more when you need them. Interchangeable with all "Sharon" accessories.

The BA765 "Henry": This cable, connection and harness test system carries out a full continuity check, 4 Wire resistance measurement and a full HiPot test. It is currently being used for aircraft wiring, computer cables, Networking panels and in many other high application fields.

Membrane Switch tester

The B831 "Darren": PC based Membrane Switch Tester, easy to use, footswitch operation, fast, measure resistances, check LED. Screen display of your actual product. Incredibly fast to setup and use.

Universal Product tester

The BA310 "Samantha": PC based Universal tester. Control switch inputs, test LED Outputs, set up power supplies automatically, read voltages, currents, resistance and other values from a DVM to a PC, and print out the results.


The above prices are given as examples, the price and specification of these products may vary, please enquire for a current quotation