Dreamweaver CS3

Custom Design


If you have a test or measurement problem that can’t be solved using off the shelf test equipment then perhaps Banair can offer you the answer.

Banair has over Twenty years experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of custom test equipment.

Banair offers you a structured approach set out in our quality manual and comprehensive documentation.

Banair endeavours to provide you with the most realistic delivery time without compromising the quality of your test or measurement system.

If you have a test or measurement problem that can’t be solved using off the shelf test equipment Banair offers you solutions that are designed to meet your needs.


Acceleration Monitor Unit

Dreamweaver CS3



Oil tankers are so long that it is hard for the crew to know what is happening further down the ship. If the ship is travelling to fast in certain conditions it can crash down on the water subjecting it to forces that might later cause cracking of the superstructure. We were asked to design equipment to help detect this problem. We designed the Acceleration monitor unit shown above, this comprised of accelerometers mounted on the deck, these were connected to the above bridge display system by a telemetry system.






Toy Tester:

Dreamweaver CS3The Trading standards department needed a quick method to check the speed of projectiles from kids toys to ensure that they met then relevant safety specifications. We designed the above unit to do this for them. They simple fire the toy at the equipment and it registers the speed of the arrow, bolt, dart or other nasties to check that it is safe.




Magnetic Head Tester:

Dreamweaver CS3

A manufacturer of magnetic heads for cash machines needed a versatile test rig for evaluating their heads. We built the unit above specially for them. It is extremely versatile, allowing tape speeds from practically 0 to 15 IPS, and write currents with various waveforms up to 2A Peak to peak. It also analyses the signals received from a head under test. We built all the electronics and the metalwork as there were no off the shelf items capable of doing the job (the tape deck had to support tapes with a wide range of widths so a standard unit could not be used.