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B887 "Sarah" Switch Bounce Test System

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Switch Bounce Tester

Nearly all switches will generate some "bounce" when they are operated (switched). Every time they are operated, they will actually open and close their contacts several times before they settling down to their new position. For normal switches, this can last from as little as a fraction of a millisecond (ms), to as long as several milliseconds. Only very high quality switches generate little or no bounce. This switch bounce is not usually a problem if you are merely turning on something simple like a light, but if you are working with more sensitive things like logic devices, all these extra bounces can create havoc. An example of a problem would be that if every time you pressed a button to increment a counter you actually added several counts to the total.

How do I set up the system?

Connect the switch to the connector on the front of the tester. Select the required resistance range.

Resistance Range

Push the switch and the tester will display the resistance. This will confirm the switch resistance and allow you to determine the bounce threshold.

measured resistance

Once you know the resistance when the switch is closed then you can determine the bounce threshold. Enter this as “Resistance Spec Ohms”. You can also enter the serial number, Part Number and customer details to be saved in the results and printed on certificates.

Specification details


How do I carry out the test?

Click Keybounce and then push the switch and release it. A graph will then appear of the screen and the rise and fall bounce times will be measured and displayed.

The results can then be stored in an Access database. The system can also be supplied with the ability to save the results to an Excel spreadsheet.

What else do I need to get started?

1. A PC or laptop running a version of Windows that supports a USB connector. Microsoft Office will help you analyse and print your results but you can perform standard tests without it.

2. A product to test.

Everything else is included.


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Measures switch bounce in ms
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Log results to an Access database
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Print a certificate in your own format, using Word template
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Save part number, serial number and customer details to a database and a certificate
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Display the contact resistance
Bullet point
Adjustable test current


System Components

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Control Unit (1 Channel)
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Power Supply
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USB Cable
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Operating Instructions
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User Friendly Windows® Application Software

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"Sarah" Switch Bounce Test System            (5-Year GT)

5 Year Guarantee
5-Year GT
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