Dreamweaver CS3



Cable, Harness and Connection Testers

Assembly and testing of Cable Harness and wiring looms made easy with our range of stand-alone and PC based instruments. Locate defective cable harness wiring before it costs you money!


Switch Test Systems

A range of switch tester for all of your switches, keyboards, keypads and membranes. Our Membrane switch tester that does the job fast and gets it right first time, every time. View an actual picture of your product under test on screen and eliminate operator error! Also test avaiable, Switch bounce testing, Life testing or full production pneumatic finger testing systems.


Slip Ring Tester

This is a high specification tester that will carry out both Static and Dynamic test and measure many cable parameters on Slip Rings, Rotating Contactors, Cables, Harnesses and Wiring Looms. It measures cable resistance very accurately using the Kelvin 4-wire method.


Life Cycle and Fatigue Testers

Our standard tester has been designed for life cycle and fatigue testing of switches, membrane switches, keboards and keypads. It contains all the components needed to life and fatigue test a wide range of other components as we are able to customise the system easily to your requirements.


Turbine Logging System

Safely record the Overspeed trip of small steam turbines. Eliminate a potentially dangerous measurement situation by using this piece of equipment.


Production Assistance

Samantha is a program that runs on your PC. It guides you though the tests then as each stage is completed you can enter results or simply move on to the next stage.


Projectile Speed Tester

The B328 "Thomas" Projectile Speed Test system is designed to allow easy measurement of the flight speed of a wide range of toys that fire projectiles.


Test Jigs and Fixtures

Banair have been designing and manufacturing high quality customized Functional Test Fixtures (FCT) and Bed of Nails (BON) / Pin Jigs to the Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, and various other Industries for over 25 years.


Customised Testers

We can take parts from any of our “off the shelf” systems to solve your problem. We design and manufacture the complete system so you get exactly what you want, but without the cost and delay of designing from scratch.


SMART optical Tachometers

A range of feature packed optical Tachometers being able to measure a very wide speed spectrum. These instruments are suitable for measuring moving parts, either rotary, linear or reciprocating (shafts, gears, flowline, ram, machine slide, etc).