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Samantha - the latest Production answer from Banair

Do you test things in your factory?

Does the tester work their way though a printed document?

Do you use a “Switch Lamp” box to test electrical assemblies?

Are results sheets handwritten?

Do you take time keeping track of serial numbers and printing labels?

Do you think there must be a better way but you don’t have the time to develop one?

Would it be great to have a system that takes all the guesswork out of testing and makes it easy to set up new tests and be certain they were carried out?

What is it?

Samantha is a program that runs on your PC. It guides you though the tests then as each stage is completed you can enter results or simply move on to the next stage. When the tests are finished the tester will record the details of the test on the PC. You can also print out results sheets and labels automatically.

What printers can I use with Samantha?

If a printer will work with your computer then it will work with Samantha. There is no need to buy special printers or label printers so you can use bargain printers.

Can I enter the results automatically?

Yes. Use an instrument with a computer interface and Samantha will read the results and store them for you. No need to set the range or type them in. Samantha can check the value against a the permitted range and tell you if it is a Pass.


What results can Samantha read automatically?

AC Voltage, DC Voltage, True RMS Voltage, AC Current, DC Current Resistance, Capacitance and Frequency are available as standard. If you need something else then just ask.


We use a “Switch Lamp Box” to test our equipment how would this work with Samantha?

There is a special Samantha “Switch Lamp Box” There are 32 switch connections and 32 lamp connections. Connect this in place of your manual box and Sandra will be able to set the switches for each test. Samantha will then read back the lamps and check they are correct. The test can be performed semi automatically. I will save so much time compared to a manual Switch lamp box and there is no chance of missing a test.


What if I need more Switch Lamp connections?

The Samantha “Switch Lamp Box” has a maximum of 8 slots so a single box could have 256 Switches and 256 lamp inputs.


Could I use Samantha to guide an operator in a manufacturing stage?

Yes the software works very well in this situation. The operator selects the product to be manufactured from the list of available items and the instructions are shown on their PC. They can step through the instructions using a footswitch.


How about barcodes?

Barcode are a great way to speed up your manufacturing and reduce errors. Use a barcode to select the part number to be tested or manufactured. Use a barcode to record the serial number of the item being tested. Fast and error free.


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Part No
Samantha Software Package.
Samantha I/O System. Includes PSU and one BA310-3 card.
Samantha I/O card. 32 Switches and 32 isolated inputs.
PSU 0-56 Volts @ 2 Amps including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
High resolution Multimeter including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
60 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
LCR meter including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
Function generator including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
Frequency Counter including computer interface and Samantha Drivers.
Barcode reader
Label Printer