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New Model "Darren II" membrane switch tester - USB model

PCs have changed a lot since the first Darren tester was inroduced. The latest Windows PCs don't have card slots and connect to testers using USB. You can now use Darren II with any PC that has a spare USB input.


New Model Membrane Switch Tail Test Clamp Jig

The B831J membrane switch test clamp is a quick way to connect to the tail of a membrane keyboard.


New Model BA427 "James" 10 Amp Cable Harness Test System

The BA427 “James” is a 10 Amp cable test system for cables, harnesses and prefabricated wiring systems. This system test to BS8488 which specifies safety requirements for prefabricated wiring systems conforming to BS EN 61535.


Compact Projectile Speed Tester

The new B328-C is a compact version of the original model but measures over a distance of 150 mm.


12V / 28V "Darren" Membrane Switch Tester

Do you need to test to higher voltage membrane swich panels then we have the solution.


"Simon" Life Cycle Tester - Operate up to 8 cylinders at once!

The standard B886 Simon system has a single switch input that measures the resistance of the switch, there is also the option of up to 8 digital inputs for systems where multiple fingers are required .


BA765SL - Slip Ring and Rotating Contactor Tester

Perform High Accuracy Dynamic Resistance & High Voltage tests on Slip Ring and Rotating Contactors ...


B887 "Sarah" Switch Bounce Test System

Nearly all switches will generate some "bounce" when they are operated (switched). Every time they are operated, they will actually open and close their contacts several times before they settling down to their new position ....


"Simon" Life Cycle Test System - Switch Bounce Test Added

Our switch bounce test sytem "Simon" has been enhanced at no extra cost, it now has a switch bounce test feature!


Projectile Speed Tester

The B328 "Thomas" Projectile Speed Test system is designed to allow easy measurement of the flight speed of a wide range of toys that fire projectiles.

The projectile is fired between two gates consisting of pairs of optical sensors and the transit time is measured and sent to the supplied Windows software.


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"Simon" Life Cycle Test System - Pneumatic Finger System.

A low cost, life cycle test system used to perform cycling tests of keypads, keyboards, membranes, switches, or any product requiring fatigue testing!



"Darren" membrane switch tester - Pneumatic Finger System.

A pneumatic finger system to test your switch panels FAST!


"Tracy" connection tester - New Drive Module.

There is a now a NEW plug in drive card module. This has been developed following requests from customers for a better way to test interconnections in control panels containing relays .....


BeeConverted - Freeware Unit Convertor.

A FREE unit conversion program with over 600 Units in 24 different measurement categories. This desktop conversion utility can also be used to display your favourite photo or picture ....


BA765-Demi connection tester.

When you require a 4-wire tester for your cables and harnesses but do not require a large system, then this addition to the BA765 range is for you. Compact size with all the functions of the larger systems at a very affordable price.


Turbine Logging System

Used to measure and monitor turbines, this system has been developed to check the operation of steam turbines. The speed of the turbine is monitored using an optical sensor ...