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Test Jigs and Fixtures

Cone Resonance Tester

Customized Test Fixtures and Special Test Solutions

Banair have been designing and manufacturing high quality customized Functional Test Fixtures (FCT) and Bed of Nails (BON) / Pin Jigs to the Manufacturing, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, and various other Industries for over 25 years.

Functional Test solutions are in most cases either manually or pneumatically operated units.

customized Functional Test Fixtures


Should you need a Functional Test System, then we can offer complete Test Solutions incl. the related Test Fixtures.

Mechanical Cam Test Fixture
Mechanical Cam "Bed of Nails" Test Fixture


Pneumatic test fixture jig
Pneumatic Test Fixture



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Ensure the interchange ability and accuracy of parts manufactured
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Minimise the possibility of human error
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Permit the use of medium skilled labour
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Reduce the manufacturing time
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Allow the production of repeat order without retooling


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